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Dragons are large, reptilian, usually winged creatures. They have very different appearances and temperaments depending on their subrace, so check out the subraces for more info.


Dragons appear in "The Call of the Tinglewhops". They don't play any specific role.


Dragons can have really any subtype, but there is word of a new subtype coming out later on the Ezterok block. Come close, child, and I shall give you a sneak peek. Some dragons have began to think about their rights, and quite frankly, they weren't very happy as a result of that. So they resorted to terrorism, creating a new subtype of dragon, "Dragon Radical". Radicals are usually very high in AP and HP, and have good abilities, but are also very high in EP cost.


Unlike other races, dragon subraces are really "element of alignment". They are listed below.

  • First is the Fire dragon. They are very large, red, and enjoy devouring anything and everything. They have bad tempers, so be careful. Don't be waking them up too early or anything.
  • Now we have the Water dragon. They are long and serpentine, with no wings, but they have flippers. Sort of like the Loch Ness Monster, I guess. They are nice, and understanding if you wake them up early.
  • Next, the Earth dragon. They are huge, grey-brown, and stolid. You couldn't wake one up early if you tried. Then again, you couldn't stop him from stepping on you either. That would hurt. A lot.
  • Now, the Air dragon. They are long, silvery, and have so many wings that I don't feel like counting them. You could try to count them, and it would go all the way on through the night. You wouldn't have time to wake it up early, but you could annoy it by keeping it up late I guess. They're pretty easygoing anyhow.
  • It's time for the Electricity dragon. This one is really weird. They are very small, and have these weird quills. They're very sharp. Nobody knows much about these ones, and I presume no one has ever woken it up early either.
  • Let's learn the ins and outs of the Ice dragon. They are large, light blue, and animalistic. They hibernate too. They're super grouchy, especially if you wake... you know what? Forget about the waking up early thing.
  • Darkness dragon! These guys are undead! That's so cool... They have no emotion, only the instinct to kill, which is actually pretty scary if you think about it.
  • Then, the Light dragon. They're golden, and super altruistic. They always act so holier-than-thou... except that they actually are.
  • Finally, the Plant dragon. They are green and small and very druid-like. They love nature. They are the kind that wakes up early (oops) and goes hiking. They are very nice, except when you harm Mother Nature...
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