This is an example of a Ezterokian goblin.


Goblins are short (about 3 feet tall), nasty pranksters usually belonging to the fire element. They have leathery green skin, bat-like ears, and short needle-like fangs. These fangs are exposed only when the goblin's lips are pulled back. Goblins are feisty and unorganized.


Goblins appear in the set "The Call of the Tinglewhops", and Ezterokian goblins are the main fighting force of the fire element.


Goblins are often known to be rogues or warriors, because of their hastily built weapons and lack of necrophobia. There is also a small population of hobgoblins who enjoy to dress up as clowns and scare/eat children. They are called "carnies".


A somewhat common subrace of the goblin is the hobgoblin. They are taller then goblins, and have orange skin. They usually have long serpentine tongues, which often hang out of their mouths. Their teeth are longer and therefore appear even when the lips are not drawn back. These goblins are more malicious in their "pranks". For instance, while a normal goblin may pull someone's hair, a hobgoblin might scalp them. Another subrace of goblin is the kobold. They live deep in the earth and are the nemeses of dwarves. They are usually darkness, or, more rarely, earth. Not much is known about kobolds at the current time.

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