Epic Battle is a trading card game, created, developed, produced, arts-ed, etc by two 13-year-old kids. Keep that in mind with your criticism.

In Epic Battle, not only is the game about having the coolest, rarest monsters and spells, it is about using your cards wisely, and it is partly about luck. But, of course, the most important part is the hilarious (corny) jokes and puns. Epic Battle is a playable card game poking fun at other games. You can try to brawn your way through a battle, hitting your opponent with heavies. You can try to use traps to cleverly fend off your foe, you can set the stage with one of many location cards. You can equip and bewitch your creatures with the most epic effects, you can cast game-changing spells. It's all up to you really. The only truly unchanging thing about Epic Battle is the exhilaration of war, and the glory of an epic victory. And that's epic.

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