"Between a Rock and a Hard Place" is a spell card.

The remaining card layouts are simple, basically slight edits to the Creature layout.

The name bar, and EP cost are the same.

In the type bar, it still tells us the Element and Type of Card. Then it has the dash. After the dash is the spell type. There are four spell types.

Arcane: These are natural spells.

Divine: These are spells powered by favor of the gods.

Evocation: These are flashy spells usually dealing damage.

Conjuration: This is basically our 'other' category :P

In the text box, we still have the description, but now we have the effect as well.

The effect is what the spell does when it comes into play. Worry about what this means later, but the effect says,

"Bewitch Creature. Bewitched creature cannot attack and takes 300 damage each turn."

Aside from the Techy Text, that is the anatomy of a spell card.

Next up is Trap Cards.

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