Well, you've learned everything, now its time to learn how to combine it into a game. There are small tips and learning supplements as well, these are all around the wiki.

The DeckEdit

A standard deck is 30-60 cards. However, we recommend that you use a 40-card deck. Not only is it the requirement for EBP-sanctioned games, but it is a good round number. You may only have 1 card of "unique" rarity level in your deck. Each player should have a deck, ready to play.


Decide who goes first, it doesn't matter how. Each player begins with 5 EP . The person going first takes their turn. Then the next player takes their turn. And so on and so forth.

Object of the GameEdit

Each player has 2000 life points to begin with. When they are dealt damage from any source, subtract the damage being dealt from the life points of the player targeted. If this would bring them to zero or below, they lose The Game and also the game of Epic Battle.


When a card is destroyed or discarded, it is sent to the graveyard. This is a face-up pile of cards next to your deck. When a card is removed from the game, it cannot be affected by any card. Period. No loopholes. When a spell or trap completes its effect, it is sent to the graveyard.

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