Wink Out is a keyword Added to the game August 15, 2011.

Example: "Target creature winks out for 3 turns."

A verb. When a card is winked out, it is removed from the game. When the wink out period ends, it is returned to play. Items re-equip to it, and spells re-bewitch to it. If the card was an item, it re-equips. If it was a spell, it re-bewitches to the previously bewitched card, or finishes its effect. (if the old creature the item/spell used to be on is gone, the item/spell goes straight to the graveyard) If it is a trap, it comes back, still face-down. If its a location, the current location (if there is one) is destroyed, and the old one comes back into play.

Winking out can be used for dodging, removing attackers, countering spells, removing a location for limited action unhindered etc. This is why it is a goot addition to the game.

A sample card with winking out:

Unexpected Vacation Light Spell - Arcane 2 EP Target creature winks out for 3 turns. When it returns, it takes 200 damage. desc- "The worst vacations are the ones that are planned by your enemies. They usually involve crocodile pits, and lava pools."

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